Availing Good Storage in Adelaide – How to Explore Various Options

Adelaide storage services are most often needed if you are planning for removal or want to keep the excess house / office items safety for long. There are many storage service providers in Adelaide, offering self-storage and assisted storage options to various types of users. Here we will consider some basic facts about storage services to help enhance your knowledge on searching for the best.


The volume of articles to store is the primary consideration while searching for storage space and it is vital to know the standard sizes of the storage facilities available. As far as the major storage service providers in Adelaide are concerned, the standard storage spaces are like;

  • 5 x 10 unit – This may be the smallest available in which you can accommodate a chair and a couch effectively. It can be used to store dress, mattress set, and other small items. You can also make use of it to store small furniture, garden tools, lawn mowers, or bicycles etc.
  • 10 x 10 unit – Furniture for a small apartment can be kept in this unit. It can be used for office equipment storage as well as household appliances.
  • 10 x 20 unit – This bigger space can be used for storing furniture of a two to three bedroom house, including all appliances and cartons. You can also use it to keep your car.
  • 10 x 30 unit – Entire furniture of a big house can be kept inside this space. You can keep your car or truck also in a 10×30-size unit. One can also think of storing boats, RV’s and big size cartons too safely here.

Storing guidelines

Let’s discuss further about some basic strategies of storing different items at self-storing units.

  • Clothing, curtains, and drapes needed to be stored on hangers. If there are no hanging cartons available, these items needed to be folded carefully and stored in drawers. Bedding and linens have to be kept in cedar chests and drawers. Some facilities offer wardrobe-type cardboard cartons, which can be used to keep clothes. Any food crumbs or stains needed to be removed before storage to avoid pests.
  • Books and documents needed to be packed flat. Don’t put books directly on to concrete floor, better use the skids or pallets. Don’t put any other fragile items in the same box in which books and papers are kept.
  • Glassware and fragile dishes must be packed in boxes with an additional layer of packing on top and bottom of the package. Glass items need to be individually wrapped. Glasses needed to be placed near to top. Fill the side pockets again with packing. Label the boxes containing glassware as ‘handle with care.’
  • Lamps – Wrap the base of the big lamps in padding, and pack the lamps shades separately. Use bubble wrap to cover lampshades and don’t store any heavy items in the cartons containing lamps and shades.
  • Home appliances – Make sure the refrigerator or a freezer is thoroughly dry and stored with the door a little ajar. Also ensure the stoves and cooking gear are thoroughly cleansed before storing. Disassemble furniture for easy storing.

Always read the providers instructions too when you are hiring storage space from a professional storage service provider.