12 Things to Note on Planning Home Removals from Booking to the End

Home removal can be a first-time experience to most of those who are in need of it. This itself can put a bit of pressure to decide on how to go about it and whom to approach. There are plenty of professional home removal service specialists in Australia who can take up this task effectively and offer your full peace of mind.

So, it becomes essential to choose the most experienced and reliable service provider. In order to do this selection well, here we will try to list out some checklist points, which you may keep handy.

Home removal essentials

  • Explore as many options as possible in terms of finding an adequate home removal service provider.
  • Make sure that you book the removal service well in advance so that they can be available and prepare well by your preferred time.
  • Also start your packing earlier than waiting for the final day. It will really take time if you want to arrange things safely and complete on time. Get expert advice from the removal specialist on safe packing practices.
  • Keep in close touch with the removal company to update them about any changes in your plan or completion date. It is also vital for you to be available throughout the time so that they can also update your about the progress.
  • Make sure that, soon after booking, your removal company pays a visit to your home to see your possessions to be moved and give you an outline of packing and removal plans.
  • Ask for time and energy saving tips as to how they stack things on to the vehicle. Say for example, if the furniture is loaded first, then keep it closer to the entrance so that you can save time and effort on the day of removal.
  • Most of the providers work at standard hours, so ask what will happen if your work exceeds this timing, whether they charge extra?
  • Check your house coverage policy while thinking of transit insurance. Some policies may be covering moving also, otherwise try to get an additional insurance policy for your valuable possessions.
  • Make arrangements for parking also in advance. Parking permits for the mover’s vehicle needed to be taken both at your place and the new destination. Inform your neighbours also in advanced that a removal vehicle will be parked in the premises on the day or move.
  • Don’t make the cartons too heavy by overfilling. Books to be kept in small-sized boxes and ensure all the boxes are comfortable to carry.
  • Similar to overfilling, under-filling may also cause issues. The contents will crumple on getting stacked under heavier items. Keep a good balance as per the instructions given by the moving service expert.
  • Even if you plan it at the best, sometimes things may go wrong due to the inefficiency of the service provider or due to any another reason in which the provider is not the culprit. So, always have an alternate plan as contact of another emergency removal service providers saved on to your phone.

Adding to these, check for the general terms and conditions of the provider, cost involved, time taken, and add-on services etc. to better plan your removal.