Office Removalists Adelaide – Plan Your Day of the Move at Best

Shifting an office can be a difficult affair for any business as it may create a break in the otherwise smooth-flowing process. You have to be well prepared for the move in order to keep this disruption to a minimum. A good removal agency must be hired in order to ensure effective removal process, but you also have to co-operate well with them and do some basic tasks to ensure a hassle-free removal.

The most stressful time in a move is the day of removal. You may find many troubles happening on that particular day if you don’t have knowledge of how to handle it properly. As it will be a first-time experience to most of those who are involved in office moving, here we will discuss some basic tips to be kept in mind.

  • The day of the move –

Destroy any sensitive information

Every office stores some kind of sensitive business information ranging from employee confidential records to client invoices. But when the need is to relocate to another office, you may not want to carry the whole pile of paper documents, which are no more relevant. It is also a big mistake if you simply leave them behind.

Ensure that all such sensitive documents are fully destroyed before you move out. You can use a shredder or burn them out to get rid of any sensitive documents. If you cannot manage it by yourself, then take the assistance of a reliable service provider. You can check it out with removal service provider itself that most of the times they offer such add-on services too. However, letting these ending up at wrong hands may adversely affect your business.

Take care of your staff and yourself

Health and safety is the primary concern when it comes to workplace administration. This is the same in case of a move too. On the day of office removal, There will be moving of a lot of heavy items, furniture, equipment, and it is important to take care of the wellness of your staff who is at the premise. Never do anything without the guidance of the removal service provider and stay clear off the site when they want you to.

Let the removals company to do their task

You may love to pitch in the process and offer help to expedite things. However, as discussed above, this can be dangerous as you don’t have any expertise in removal. So, let the experts at the removal company do their tasks rather than you people making it complicated by putting hands into it. However, you can help with some small bits of work like arranging the office equipment, documents, and other less-risk areas to speed up the process.

Properly marking boxes

Colour-code tagging is an excellent method to categorise the goods and furniture you pack. Mark all the boxes and items for easy identification. You can use stickers or a marking pen for this purpose. Also, try to include the handling instructions too on to the cartons like fragile things, heavy items, top and bottom side of each package etc.